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Version: 1.0
Size: 534kb
Requirements: Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8
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Exactly how will your website benefit by using the viral ebook software?

Here's how...

Firstly, download the Viral ebook

Secondly, customise the contents of your viral ebook with useful information, tips, hints, URL's, etc (i.e. what visitors to your site are looking for) about your industry, specific market or whoever you are targeting.

Include your website, contact details, etc in the 'Customise' section of the ebook (this is important as you'll discover later).

Thirdly, create the ebook (one click of a button - does not get any easier than this!), and allow visitors to your website to download it freely.

The traffic virus is ready to be unleashed...

Just look at this...

Let's assume one week later 100 people have downloaded your ebook. Some will pass it on to their friends and some will customise the ebook themselves to start their own traffic virus.

Let's assume 15 people customise the ebook and distribute it on their websites. Remember the 'Customise' section I mentioned earlier? Well, when they enter their details, your details are not removed. It is simply rotated to position 2 in that special page of the ebook (this page cannot be deleted).

You know what this means?

Those 15 people might get 100 people every week downloading their ebooks. That's a potential of 1500 people per week checking out your website details - automatically!

Your website details will remain locked within the ebook for one more time (maximum of 3 positions). The traffic virus is now set in motion. It's that simple, yet so powerful in generating traffic to your website hands-free!

The fact is...

The number one reason why people use the Internet in the first place is to find information on a specific topic. That's why ebooks are so popular.

It's easy to pack dozens of pages of useful, valuable information on a specific topic into a single downloadable file (ebook), available almost instantly!

Most importantly...

Not only can you create information-packed ebooks for your website visitors, your visitors will also appreciate how easy it is to add information to your ebook.

The result? An ebook that gets used again and again (excellent for reminding them about your website) because its so easy to build a rich resource of information on a specific topic of interest.

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